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About Pedro Lopes

Hey there! My name is Pedro Lopes and I’ve been an internet marketer since early 2014.

I came from a network marketing background, or what others call it, MLM (multilevel marketing).

After struggling in MLM for over 2 years, I started looking into internet marketing and saw more freedom in the industry than I did in the MLM industry.

I eventually made the decision to take what I had learned in MLM and apply it to internet marketing.

It took me a while to get things going and it wasn’t until January 2014, when I decided to invest in a coaching program, that things started getting going for me.

This was literally the last penny I had, and it wasn’t even mine. My credit cards were just about all maxed out from previous failed investments with promises of “push button” success. This was my last roll of the dice, I remember thinking at the time how I literally had nothing to lose after this.

I started seeing some success after my first product launch did around 50 sales overall. People kind of knew me but I was still very much a “nobody”. I was still very far away from going full time and quitting my job.

And then, on August 2014, something unexpected happened. The rug was swept from underneath me and I got fired from the only job I knew for the last 7-8 years (I was a bartender/restaurant manager).

This floored me at first, but it eventually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I had always wanted to go full time into internet marketing and after losing my job, I was forced to.

What has happened in my life since then has been amazing! Having my back against the wall made me realize what I am truly capable of!

My internet marketing business has skyrocketed since then and I haven’t looked back. I don’t plan on ever having a job again in my life!

Today, my goals are to motivate, educate and inspire other up and coming entrepreneurs to do the same.

I created this blog to not only share my story, but to help create other success stories and give people the tools and knowledge necessary to take control of their lives!

My journey is still very far from over, in fact, it is still at the very beginning. I will continue to build and continue to help others do the same.

With hard work and integrity, success is inevitable.


-Pedro Lopes



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  1. Wow, I really enjoyed reading the Bio. Im right in the same place you were awhile back, with my back against the wall. You gotta fight back, then. I’ve been out of work now for 4 months, im completely maxed out on the 9-5 thing. I don’t have a marketing background of any kind, just a little street knowledge and fiery ambition. I know this Internet Business thing is what I need to be doing, its a whole new world and strange but lucrative terrain. Im impressed. I Wish all the best
    with all your business ventures, Pedro.

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